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Employees with safety responsibilities should be properly trained to help make sure they have the requisite knowledge and skills to assist safety managers and perform other duties as determined by the employer. This program is designed for safety specialists, coordinators and others responsible for implementing safety and health programs. Emphasis is placed on gaining the knowledge and skills to assist in the deployment of effective safety programs. Students will study 7 courses within the program. At the end of the training the students have comparative concepts of local and international standards and requirements.


The training will be conducted for 5 days. The academic lesson hour will be 45 min and students will study for 6 academic hours a day.

Training methods and certificate

The training will be conducted by our experienced and skillful consultants and trainers who are trained as OH&S trainers in a designated and comfortable classroom. And specific methods & techniques for OH&S classroom trainings will be used. All the students who meet the requirements of the program will be handed a program certificate including a transcript. The certificates will be shipped from the USA.

Handbooks and training materials

All the students will be provided with the 7 handbooks for each course in the program. The training will be conducted in a comfortable and designated classroom that fully furnished with applicable OH&S equipment’s.

Number of students:

About 25 students are able to attend the training.

Registration and required documents

Students can be registered on the phone. /067314514, 0566322477 /. Because the number of students is limited, after the students make their payment, their registration will be considered as valid. Students are required to have their ID card /, 1 photo, and the copy of the bank receipt.

Safety Training Course To A Better Career

Workplace and organizational safety is of utmost importance because employers have a legal and ethical obligation to keep their workers healthy and safe. If you are looking for level 3 international course Dubai, then you should choose us.

Why should you choose us?

Promote better workplace safety: Our level 3 international course Dubai emphasizes on the health and safety obligations of employers and employees that includes defining safety and health protocols, promoting a positive health and safety culture to prevent accidents.

Structured approach: All our courses are designed in such a manner that students will have proper theoretical knowledge as well as practical experience to learn the course. Our Level 6 diploma UAE will give a complete understanding of the principles of health and safety management, promoting and safeguarding workers at the workplace.

Our managing safely Dubai is designed for the professionals so that they can learn greater safety in the workplace.

Who should choose our course?
  • Safety Officers
  • Safety Managers
  • Safety Engineers
  • Newcomers who want to become safety engineer, officer or manager
Learning Outcomes

At the end of the managing safely Dubai course, the candidates should be able to grasp the essence of the following points.

  • They would understand the need for managing health and safety at the workplace
  • The implications of law and regulations regarding the workplace safety
  • They will learn the strategy to implement a health and safety management system
  • Identify the would be able to learn the craft of recognizing hazards and risks associated with workplace activities
  • Identify the would be able to learn the craft of recognizing hazards and risks associated with workplace activities
  • Learn the craft to report and investigate health and safety incidents at work
  • Discover the ways of reducing the impact of workplace activities on the environment

Trained staffs: We have qualified and trained staffs with us to impart training. They are certified and come with vast experience. There are analytical in their approach as far as training s concerned. They would look at each student’s requirement and then offer the right training strategy.

If you are looking for a Level 6 diploma UAE, then you should consider our service and we would love to give you the right training. It is time to get practice the highest standards. We also make sure that we offer assistance for further learning. So, call us to find how we can help you in getting the right training.


The program fees is 1400 AED ON installments ( for individuals )

The program fees is 10% off (for groups /3 and more )

The program fees is 15% off (for Organizations/15 and more )

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