OSH Committee Leader & Member” Program
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In many countries employers are required to have safety committees to assist in making sure the employees are protected in their workplaces. Each committee will naturally include a leader who is responsible for overall success of the committee and members who are responsible for helping the committee successfully achieve its primary purpose as a valuable internal consultant group within the company. The program will help safety committee becomes valuable assets in that effort.
Students will study 7 courses within the program. At the end of the training the students have comparative concepts of local and international standards and requirements.


The training will be conducted between for 5 days. The academic lesson hour will be 45 min and students will study for 6 academic hours a day.

Training methods and certificate

The training will be conducted by our experienced and skillful consultants and trainers who are trained as OH&S trainers in a designated and comfortable classroom. And specific methods & techniques for OH&S classroom trainings will be used. All the students who meet the requirements of the program will be handed a program certificate including a transcript. The certificates will be shipped from the USA.

Handbooks and training materials

All the students will be provided with the 7 handbooks for each course in the program. The training will be conducted in a comfortable and designated classroom that fully furnished with applicable OH&S equipments.

Number of students

About 25 students are able to attend the training.


The program fees is 1400 AED ON installments ( for individuals )

The program fees is 10% off (for groups /3 and more )

The program fees is 15% off (for Organizations/15 and more )

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