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This “Train-the-Trainer” program is designed to help students gain the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct occupational safety and health training for their employer. Completion of the course demonstrates the student has acquired the knowledge about training program requirements, development and presentation. It also helps the student gain knowledge about various safety and health topics. The student’s presentation skills should be evaluated locally by a training manager or other competent person.
Students will study 7 courses within the program. .At the end of the training the students have comparative concepts of local and international standards and requirements.


The training will be conducted between for 4 days. The academic lesson hour will be 45 min and students will study for 6 academic hours a day.

Training methods and certificate

The training will be conducted by our experienced and skillful consultants and trainers who are trained as OH&S trainers in a designated and comfortable classroom. And specific methods & techniques for OH&S classroom trainings will be used. All the students who meet the requirements of the program will be handed a program certificate including a transcript. The certificates will be shipped from the USA.

Handbooks and training materials

All the students will be provided with the 7 handbooks for each course in the program. The training will be conducted in a comfortable and designated classroom that fully furnished with applicable OH&S equipment.

Number of students

About 25 students are able to attend the training.

Registration and required documents

Students can be registered on the phone / 067314514/ 0566322477Because the number of students is limited, after the students make their payment, their registration will be considered as valid.
Students are required to have their ID card/, 1 photo, and the copy of the bank receipt.

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The program fees is 1400 AED ON installments ( for individuals )

The program fees is 10% off (for groups /3 and more )

The program fees is 15% off (for Organizations/15 and more )

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